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I've been feeling groggy the past couple of days. Not sure what it is, though it's been taking me more time to get going in the morning.

It's starting to get close to residency time. I received my first tuition bill this morning. I found out that they raised the tuition by about $500 and never sent out any announcement. They just sort of included it on their bill. I mean, if you check the department website and click the link to tuition, there's now an updated tuition breakdown. It's just surprising that they didn't at least send out an email or a letter or something. Maybe I was with the Jesuits for too long if I expect such a thing?

Anyhow, probably more annoying is the fact that the information packet I received with my admissions letter told me that tuition was due at the start of the residency in late June. However, when I received the email stating my bill was in the mail, they mentioned that if you didn't have financial aid, you needed to either pay in full by May 14th or enroll in a payment plan and remit the first installment by then. Fortunately, we have enough money in savings as part of our home emergency fund, so we could borrow from that and then just put it back when Rob gets his bonus on the 15th. Still, it's kind of irksome that they didn't mention anywhere that non-financial aid people were on a different schedule, not even when I spoke to financial aid to let them know I would be paying myself.

Complicating matters is that they sent out the bill before they made all of the housing arrangements. Our housing forms were due on April 8th. There are only four single rooms (the rest are shared) and so I applied for a single room but booked a room at a nearby hotel in the event that it didn't come through. However, they sent out the bill before deciding who would get the four single rooms that happen to be available, so the bill reflects staying in a shared room. It's $155 more if I stay in a single room. However, if I were to stay in the hotel and just got the meal plan, it would be $415 less. I mentioned this to the bursar (well, Katie, as the bursar consists of one person) and she explained they won't have the room assignments until some time next week, so we should just wait on putting together the payment plan until they know about the room assignment and can adjust my bill accordingly.

I have half a mind to just send an email and let her know that I'm going to stick with the room at Doyle's Guest House. After all, even with a single room, I'll have to share a bathroom with an entire floor. Plus, the rooms in Doyle's Guest House all come with a fridge, coffeemaker, microwave and toaster oven. It would be nice to do things like keep milk in the fridge, be able to heat up something to eat on those evenings where I head back after the lectures are done with and so forth. My main hesitation, really, is just that I haven't been walking that much since I developed plantar fasciitis. Really, it's only just over half a mile (0.6) and I can generally go 0.4 before my feet start to really hurt, so it really is no worse than walking to Zanzibar to coffee and back. I mostly worry because I know that when it gets exacerbated, how bad it can get.

I need a scooter.

It's Spring, I guess I'll Leave the House

I feel substantially better than I usually do on this date. I thank my VCFA plans. I was grabbing coffee at Zanzibar today, reading a book that was written by a potential advisor, his descriptions of North Beach making me nostalgic for the old Bay Area days, listening to music...and it sort of hit me that knock on wood this is knock on wood something I would have killed for when I lived in San Francisco, when I was in Tucson, when I was in Austin. Knock on wood. To have a place I like knock on wood, in a neighborhood I like, with full cupboards knock on wood and a husband knock on wood knock on wood, about to start spending my days in an MFA program where I get to work on my writing, read voraciously, utterly unscheduled except for my own self-designated routines, free to hang out in easy-to-get-to coffeehouses all day long. knock on woodknock on woodknock on woodknock on wood

The Queen of Wands comes up a lot, and I've mostly focused on the negative: the moody, temperamental, hot tempered and domineering figure, "she who must be obeyed." I forget about the positive side of Queen of Wands: the magnetic, attracting people and situations to her, able to exude an authority that does not need to be forced, a character of strength. It's been cropping up over and over again. I got it recently in a favorable situation and it didn't make sense until I realized that I was only focusing on the negative attributes of the cards. That happens with me, sometimes. Often, a card crops up repeatedly because whatever the cards symbolize will be pronounced. However, sometimes, I find that I get into the habit of focusing too exclusively on certain meanings of the card and I'm overlooking something important, so the habitual resurfacing is designed to draw my attention to that.
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New Kitten!

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She's absolutely adorable.

The breeders were...weird. I mean, they were very nice people that clearly loved cats, but a bit too attached. There were some long, drawn out goodbyes and requests for pictures and the guy was tearing up at one point. It's better than the opposite, but it made things a little bit awkward.

Delirium is now excitedly exploring the bedroom while Faust is outside, going a bit crazy. She's pretty responsive to me so far...when we were picking her up, she let me hold her despite being a bit excited and squirmy. The new surroundings have her too keyed up to stay still right now but if I hold my finger out, she comes right up to it. She seems particularly curious about the bathroom.

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Mm, pasta.

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