antigone_k (antigone_k) wrote,

Some Montreal Pics

The window in the hotel

It's really spacious, too...

It even has a fake fireplace. There's a Descartes joke in there somewhere.

I found an obscure bit of commentary on medieval philosophy today...

Then stopped at a cupcake cafe...

Afterwards, I found a bee puppet!

We headed back to the hotel then went out for Indian food. I've had Indian food in Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Toronto, Berlin, Paris, a number of other places including a Vegas casino and small town in Michigan, this was by far the worst. Afterwards, we decided to grab a drink at a brew pub...,

I was pensive...


And at times amused....or is it just plain goofy? Hey, I told you I was moody, but did you know I was that moody?

Now, back at the hotel, tomorrow: crepes, possibly more shopping, maybe Vietnamese food...

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