antigone_k (antigone_k) wrote,

Tarot and Astrology

Two weird dreams:

(1) I had a dream that someone tried to tell me it wasn't logical to believe in astrology. I explained that I had my own definition of logic, where something was logical if it started with a first principle then evolved into a construct that was consistent with those principles. Since astrology did this, then it was logical to believe in astrology.

(2) I also dreamed that I sat down to get a tarot reading. I had to pull 5 cards. The Fool was turned over. I wanted to pull it, but I thought it was just wishful thinking. I hallucinated the 2 of pentacles and mistook the Tower for the star. Death, the high priestess and 5 of pentacles were both there.

This is the first time in nine years where I haven't been about to start a new semester.

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